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Tuesday Morning Group Members

Welcome to the Tuesday Morning Group!

In December of 2001, a monthly coalition began meeting on the second Tuesday of every month in Richmond, Virginia. The purpose of the Tuesday Morning Group coalition is to address four issues that affect the future freedom and prosperity of all Virginians: Constitutionalism and Federalism, Economic Freedom and Taxes, Good Governance, and Education Freedom.

The Tuesday Morning Group has been and continues to be a phenomenal success. Currently, more than 1,000 individuals participate in the coalition, including representatives from more than 260 organizations.

The Tuesday Morning Group allows activists and concerned citizens from across the commonwealth to share information about their efforts to reduce the role, scope, and cost of government; to protect private property rights; to encourage economic prosperity and accessibility through the unfettered market; and to improve both K-12 and higher education in Virginia.

Below you will find meeting updates, videos, and contact information for relevant staff. If you would like to be introduced to another member of the coalition, please e-mail us and an introduction will be arranged. Due to the request of many of our members, we do not publish a membership list for the Tuesday Morning Group coalition.

Finally, as members of the Tuesday Morning Group coalition, we want you to feel a sense of ownership within the group beyond simply membership. If you have acquaintances, friends, or organizations which you think should be included and involved with the Tuesday Morning Group coalition please feel free to invite them to a monthly meeting or ask them to sign up through our website. Although membership is by invitation only, we are always happy to welcome new friends and colleagues to the TMG family.



Below are several documents you may find useful. Click a resource to view: