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Tuesday Morning Group

In December of 2001, a monthly coalition began meeting on the second Tuesday of every month in Richmond, Virginia. The purpose of the Tuesday Morning Group coalition was to address three issues that affect the future freedom and prosperity of all Virginians: taxes, property rights, and education reform. In 2018, two additional issues were added: healthcare and civil asset forfeiture.

The Tuesday Morning Group has been and continues to be a phenomenal success. Currently, the TMG has over 1,000 participants representing more than 260 organizations. By returning to the first principles of our Founding Fathers, we are not only able to overcome the current challenges we face, but also return to our previous status of “a shining city upon the hill” for the rest of the world. If you agree, please join us in promoting these ideals in our government.

Benefits of Joining

As a TMG member:
• there is no membership fee
• you will receive email alerts on legislation we are following, Virginia political news you won’t see in the media, and more;
• you will receive invitations to grassroots meetings, campaign events, and conferences;
• you will have networking opportunities with activists and politicians from throughout the Commonwealth — share ideas and get to know political movers and shakers.

Join Us

Yes, I want to be a part of Virginia’s largest and most effective coalition of small government/free-market organizations and activists! (Please note that your information will never be sold or shared with other parties.)

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