We are ever thankful!

November 28, 2022

In 1867 when George Henry Broughton painted his iconic “Pilgrims Going to Church,” he captured the essence that is the blessings of our unique Thanksgiving traditions and freedoms.

His work pictures the Pilgrims in family groups, heading to church, to thank God for religious liberty, their freedom to pursue economic security, and the care of their property and persons as mothers guide their children while men vigilantly watch over their safety.

Himself an immigrant to our country, Mr. Broughton used his masterpiece to express the importance of family and American values that make our nation great.

These are the same values and freedoms our team at the Virginia Institute for Public Policy fight for every day – for your individual and economic liberty, freedom to prosper and retain your bounty as a hard working business owner or employee, and the rights of parents to guide and protect their children.

We are ever thankful to you, our Virginia Institute partners, on this 401st anniversary of the first Thanksgiving — and every day of the year for the many ways you demonstrate your support.

Please accept our heartfelt Thanksgiving blessings for you and your family from our team at the Virginia Institute for Public Policy.

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