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Legislative Update: 26 February 2023

February 26, 2023

Yesterday, Saturday (02.25.2023), the General Assembly adjourned Sine Die, ending the regular legislative session for 2023. Negotiations on the budget failed to reach full fruition, but before they adjourned the assembly members passed what they are calling a “gapstop” budget bill. It is four pages long, and covers a small number of items on which consensus was reached, allowing negotiations to continue in the coming weeks for the remaining controversial items. Governor Youngkin has indicated that as soon as the rest of the budget decisions are determined he will call a special session for the budget vote.

2023 Session Overview Numbers
(Total # of bills and resolutions)

The report below includes bills that fall into alignment with Virginia Institute’s policy recommendations, either for good policy or bad policy, and received a vote in a committee or on the House or Senate Floor last week. 


HB 1437 & SB 1165: Database Storage of License Plate Info – DEAD
These bills were designed to allow for expanded use of devices that scan vehicle license plates. It would allow devices to be placed on the side of the road that would collect license plate data from every vehicle that passes by, invading the privacy of citizens without their knowledge and without cause. These devices are currently used by law enforcement in some areas of Virginia to find criminals, but this bill expands where and how they are permitted to be used.

The legislators carrying these bills both decided to have their bills sent back to committee, realizing that they would not pass on the Floor. See details below:

  • HB 1437 Status: Previously, this bill passed the House. Last week, HB 1437 was anticipated to receive a Senate Floor vote, but the bill was sent back to the Senate Transportation Committee to die instead.
  • To see bill text and info: Click HERE
  • SB 1165 Status: Previously, this bill passed on the Senate Floor. Last week, SB 1165 received a failing vote on the House Floor; however, after the bill failed there was a successful motion made to reconsider the vote. The next day, SB 1165 was anticipated to receive another Floor vote, but the bill was rereferred back to the House Transportation Committee to die instead. 
  • To see bill text and info: Click HERE


HB 1784: Digital Tokens & Decentralized Autonomous Organizations DEAD
This bill would have formalized the use of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to create an exception from security regulations regarding digital tokens. It would have also removed barriers for small tech companies to start businesses in Virginia, utilizing block-chain and algorithmic technology to increase business efficiency.

  • Bill Status: Previously, this bill passed on the House Floor. Last week, HB 1784 was killed in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee through the motion to pass by indefinitely.
  • To see bill text and info: Click HERE
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