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Erin Joyce

Communications Manager, EIN

Fun Facts:

In her role as communications manager, Erin is focused on expanding media coverage of Election Integrity Network’s (EIN) coalitions to build greater media awareness and reach about their breakthrough work.

She also provides editorial support to EIN’s ongoing thought leadership internally and externally. Erin works with partners to coordinate a variety of publications and news that showcases the work of EIN and its affiliated coalitions.

Experienced in news media operations for digital and print, Erin has overseen coverage of policy, politics, infrastructure, enterprise technology, and now elections infrastructure throughout her media career.  She has also served as editorial liaison with developers and project manager for multiple web-publishing launches.

Erin joined the Virginia Fair Elections (VFE) coalition as a volunteer in 2021 to learn poll watching and electoral processes. Thanks to VFE and EIN training, she is now an elections officer serving in Virginia’s Fairfax County. Always in the hunt for a good story from EIN working groups, she welcomes story pitches, links,  and communications ideas anytime on any platform.

When she is not exploring the rich history of Virginia, Erin volunteers for the tech-focused nonprofit charity, Electoral Process Education Corporation (, which focuses on voter participation and election technology in the United States. She managed to graduate from the new media program at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism with her values and principles intact.

Follow her on @erinjoyce and @VoterNewsUSA.

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