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Ben Fly 2024

Benjamin Fly

Policy Intern

Fun Facts:

Ben was in an improv troupe.
Loves any video with a cat in it.
Dreams of doing a cross country road trip.

Ben Fly is an intern with the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, an independent, nonpartisan, education and research organization that develops and promotes public policy consistent with the Virginia tradition of individual liberty, dynamic entrepreneurial capitalism, private property, the rule of law, and constitutionally-limited government. Ben also serves as a team member of the Institute’s Young Constitutional Scholars Society (YCSS), a network of nonprofit organizations and individuals that helps Virginia’s secondary and undergraduate students understand the meaning and relevance of the U.S and Virginia’s constitutions.

Ben’s fire for policy and politics was kindled due to having a front row seat into the world of local government. Ben grew up in the small Virginia town where his father has served as a member of the local board of supervisors for over 20 years. From the example of his father, Ben learned what a huge impact civic engagement on the local level can have in improving our communities. Ben, along with his 4 older brothers, chose to live lives filled with service as they attended local town hall meetings, assisted in elections, and participated in local Boy Scouts.

His passion for governance and law guided Ben to academic excellence. Beginning his college career at Christopher Newport University, Ben would graduate summa cum laude
from Southern Virginia University in 2024 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. In addition to a degree in Political Science, Ben graduated with a minor in religious studies and a
concentration in pre-legal studies. It was his senior year at SVU where Ben discovered his interest and aptitude in constitutional law. During his time at Southern Virginia University, Ben
served as the service senator for the student government and was a member of Phi Alpha Theta. This upcoming Fall, Ben plans on attending Regent University School of Law. His decision to attend Regent was influenced by his internships with two Commonwealth attorneys.

The second a class or the workday ends, Ben is rushing to enjoy the outdoors. Ben enjoys kayaking, hiking, and generally taking it easy. To keep physically active, he loves
boxing, half marathons (too scared to run a full marathon), and Spartan races. Ben completed the 2023 Spartan Trifecta and aims to complete the Trifecta again this year as well as complete
a Spartan ultra. If you are looking to be stuck in an hour long conversation, ask him anything relating to board games or video games. During his senior year, Ben played on SVU’s nationally
ranked Esports team. Ben truly loves learning and is always down to pick up a new hobby. He will also instantly become friends with anyone who loves the band “Good Kid”.

Through a life dedicated to service and learning, Ben has come to understand the quote “education is the difference between wishing you could help others, and actually being able to
help them”. Always moving forward, Ben aims to continue his learning by helping others learn. Ben hopes to share his personal knowledge of law and civic engagement, and help others spark
a passion for law and governance. During his time at Regent, Ben plans on specializing in constitutional law and one day becoming a Commonwealth attorney.

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