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Julie Adams

Regional Coordinator, SE States, EIN

Fun Facts:

Julie Adams serves as the regional coordinator for the Election Integrity Network (EIN), a vital project housed within the Virginia Institute for Public Policy.

With an unwavering focus on safeguarding the integrity of elections, Julie’s dedication to ensuring fair practices in Georgia’s electoral process is unmatched. In 2020, she took it upon herself to conduct two days of rigorous poll watching, where she uncovered significant violations both times. Undeterred by the challenges, Julie took decisive action in 2021, personally recruiting and training a team of 32 vigilant poll watchers to uphold new voting laws ahead of municipal elections. Despite her efforts, these laws were not upheld, prompting Julie to engage directly with legislators and advocate for electoral accountability at city, county, and state meetings.

Julie’s enthusiasm for EIN was solidified in 2022 when she participated in their inaugural Election Integrity Summit, which led to her spearheading the establishment of the Georgia Election Integrity Coalition. She brings a wealth of experience to the EIN team, enhancing their collective impact.

Prior to her work in election integrity, Julie built a distinguished career in the staffing industry, human resources consulting, and executive recruiting, demonstrating her versatility and leadership across various sectors.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Julie cherishes her close bond with her daughter, who resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She finds fulfillment in her volunteer work with the Special Olympics of Georgia, dedicating her time to the winter and summer games. Julie’s zest for life extends to her enjoyment of outdoor activities, reading, and all things HGTV.

In recognition of her expertise and commitment, Julie was recently appointed to the Fulton County (Georgia) Board of Registration and Elections, further solidifying her role as a champion for electoral integrity.

Julie proudly joined the esteemed Virginia Institute and the EIN team in March 2024, bringing her wealth of experience, dedication, and passion to their noble mission.


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