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Jody Weierholt

Program Associate, Citizens Election Research Center, EIN

Fun Facts:

In her collegiate years, Jody was a recipient of the Southland Conference Student Athlete Award and was recognized for her athletic prowess as an All-Conference NCAA Cross-Country athlete.
Jody really, really likes nachos.
Jody is the oldest (and only daughter) in a family of 7 children.
Jody is extremely attached to her Shih tzu, Watson (yes, named after Dr. John Watson).

Jody Weierholt brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role as program associate for the Citizens Election Research Center (CERC) of the Election Integrity Network (EIN), a project of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy – an independent, nonpartisan, education and research organization that develops and promotes public policy consistent with the Virginia tradition of individual liberty, dynamic entrepreneurial capitalism, private property, the rule of law, and constitutionally limited government.

With a diverse background spanning education, nonprofits, and advocacy, Jody is deeply committed to promoting transparency and accountability in elections. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts studies in History at Liberty University in Virginia, reflecting her ongoing commitment to scholarly pursuits.

Jody’s professional journey includes serving as a creative director for Little Beasties Art Studio, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, where she honed her skills in project management and community engagement. Additionally, she has contributed significantly to education as a public high school teacher and also as a homeschool teacher, fostering critical thinking and civic engagement among her students.

Her experience extends to the realm of public policy and advocacy, having served as the director of publicity for the Virginia Institute for American History (formerly the Washington, Jefferson & Madison Institute) in Charlottesville, Virginia. In this capacity, she played a key role in promoting educational initiatives and fostering dialogue on issues of constitutional governance and civic responsibility.

Jody’s commitment to freedom, community, and civic engagement is further demonstrated by her involvement as a board of advisors member for the Child Liberation Foundation in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she contributed her expertise to initiatives aimed at children’s well-being and ending child trafficking.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jody finds fulfillment in her roles as a devoted wife of 24 years (12 of those years as a military spouse) and a mother of three daughters. Her personal values of integrity, compassion, and dedication to the common good align seamlessly with the mission of the Election Integrity Network and the Virginia Institute for Public Policy.

With her diverse skill set, passion for service, and commitment to upholding the principles of liberty, Jody Weierholt is poised to make a meaningful impact in her new role as CERC’s program associate, contributing to the vital work of ensuring free, fair, and transparent elections for all citizens.

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